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Bowlers - find out how to improve your draw bowling by 20% for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Robert (Bob) Tuck, the originator of getagameofbowls, has recently written a book called Lawn Bowls: The Game & How To Play It Well. You can find out more about the book from this link or read part of the chapter on getting your weight here.

You can buy the printed book for $24 posted or as an ebook for less than $5 on all platforms

Lawn Bowling Clubs in Tasmania

  • All clubs listed below are registered to use get a game of bowls to list their tournaments and social games.
  • The maps will not be accurate if the street address of the club including number is not shown. We are making an effort to show a Google Earth picture of the greens at every club in Australia. In order to do this where no street number is known we include as the address the closest property that we can find . These addresses may not be reliable as the postal address for some clubs
  • To see the weekly social games offered by any club click on 'social' where it appears in the club's listing
  • If your club is not on this list please contact us by clicking here and we will add it
  • If your club does not have a 'social' link or has unlisted tournaments please tell them about it. When they enter a weekly game the social link will appear. All listings on this site are free
  • To see all clubs from a different state click on the state name above
  • To see the list of tournaments being played all over Australia click here

  • Bass & Flinders207 Low Head Road Low Head Tas 7253 (03) 6382 2022 street earth web-site
    Beltana4 Lincoln Street Lindisfarne tas 7015 (03) 6243 8706 street earth web-site
    Bicheno51 Tribe Street Bicheno tas 7215 (03) 6375 1408 street earth
    Bridport67 Main Street Bridport tas 7362 (03) 6356 1146 street earth web-site
    Brighton1 Butler Street Brighton Tas 7030 62686026 street earth facebook
    Bruny 716 Adventure Bay Road Adventure Bay TAS 7150 (03) 62931114 street earth web-site
    Buckingham18 St Johns Road New Town Tas 7008 (03) 6278 1352 street earth web-site social
    Burnie15 Fidler Street Cooee Tas 7320 0427 328 922 street earth web-site
    Claremont1 Bournville Cresent Claremont tas 7011 (03) 6249 2559 street earth web-site
    Cosgrove Park39 Normanstone Rd South Launceston tas 7249 (03) 6344 6156 street earth web-site
    Cremorne12 Wisteria Ave Cremorne tas 7024 (03) 6248 9856 street earth web-site
    Cressy7 Gatenby St Cressy tas 7302 (03) 6397 6331 street earth
    Cygnet13 Louisa St Cygnet tas 7112 (03) 6295 1790 street earth
    Deloraine34 Meander Valley Rd Deloraine tas 7304 (03) 6362 2514 street earth
    Devonport39 North Fenton Street Devonport tas 7310 (03) 6424 2403 street earth web-site
    Dover RSL16 Chapman Avenue Dover tas 7117 (03) 6298 1264 street earth facebook
    East Devonport42 Wright Street E Devonport tas 7310 03) 6427 9574 street earth web-site
    East Launceston22 Adelaide Street East Launceston tas 7250 (03)6331 5018 street earth facebook
    Exeter10 Murray Street Exeter tas 7275 (03)6394 4235 street earth facebook
    Franklin3403 Huon Hwy Franklin tas 7113 (03) 6266 3344 street earth facebook

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