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Robert (Bob) Tuck, the originator of getagameofbowls, has recently written a book called Lawn Bowls: The Game & How To Play It Well. You can find out more about the book from this link or read part of the chapter on getting your weight here
You can buy the printed book for $24 posted or as an ebook for less than $5 on all platforms.

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    YouTube Lawn Bowls Coaching

    I had seen a variety of bowling information on You Tube, One night I decided to see if I could sort the coaching information into a page which made it more accessible.

    What follows is a good assortment of short videos on the basics of the game, but it does fall short in some areas - notably on how to develop your control of weight, with only one video which gives length of step as the main determinant. That topic is much bigger than this. Perhaps some viewer of this page would like to make a contribution in this area

  • Complete Technique Training
  • Grip and Delivery-
  • Getting Green-
  • Weight Control-
  • The Draw Shot
  • Forcing Shots
  • Drills

  • Coaching Videos Covering Multiple Aspects of the Game
  • Coaching video from Bowls NZ The separate sections of this excellent video are included in the topics below

  • Lawn Bowls Australia - How to get started

  • Tony Alcock has recently produced a series of longer films about the game. Each video runs for about an hour. They do not fit in with the grouping below so they are here in one place
  • Tony Allcock's Art of Bowls Vol. 1 - Basics
  • Tony Allcock's Art of Bowls Vol. 2 - Bowling the Jack
  • Tony Allcock's Art of Bowls Vol. 3 - Putting It All Together
  • Tony Allcock's Art of Bowls Vol. 4 - Team Spirits

  • Grip and Delivery
  • The Coaches' Den - Ep 1 the three grips From Bowls Australia
  • The Coaches' Den - Ep 2 the use of the mat From Bowls Australia
  • Bowls NZ Shows most common grip, pre bowling routine and delivery
  • Nev Rodda 'How To Hold The Bowl' A different grip
  • The Delivery Doctor ~ Lawn Bowls 01 The Grip another view on the grip
  • The Shooter Stance By Nev Rodda - "The Greatest Advantage You Will Ever Learn! A different view of the stance
  • Delivery (lawn bowls) short and simple from Bowls South Africa
  • Tony Alcock stance and delivery An earlier video from the great English player and coach
  • Common Faultsa quick diagnosis of 8 common faults

  • Getting Green
  • The Coaches' Den - Ep 4 getting the lineFrom Bowls Australia
  • Aiming Point (lawn bowls) A simple view from Bowls South Africa
  • Tippers Part 2 - Aiming Points in Lawn Bowls This is a very interesting method of finding aiming points. It works well but I have never seen a bowler use it

  • Weight Control-
  • Coaching Companion Sample Video Controlling weight by length of step
  • In the absence of videos on this important topic I will refer viewers to this written drill Weight Control Individual Practice

  • The Draw Shot -
  • The Coaches' Den - Ep 9 the roles of the players in a fours game From Bowls Australia
  • Bowls NZ - The Draw shot some good draw shot practice routines
  • The Coaches' Den - Ep 6 using the mat in windy conditionsFrom Bowls Australia

  • Forcing Shots
  • The Coaches' Den - Ep 8 the Drive from Bowls Australia
  • Bowls NZ - Controlled Weighted Shot
  • Bowls NZ - Run Shot
  • Bowls NZ - Drive

  • Drills
  • The Coaches' Den - Ep 7 warm up exercises from Bowls Australia
  • Bowls NZ drills
  • Bowls Australia 48 bowl training drill
  • Bowls Australia 96 bowl training drill

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