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    Lawn Bowls Tournaments in Australia

    Featured Events
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    Sat 04 Dec 2021
    Urangan Bowls
    Urangan QldUrangan Mens Fours Carnival 2 daysdetails
    $2Wed 27 Jul 2022Merziuziy qcjAaYpiSCdetails

    Editing Listings and Entering New Tournaments
  • Clubs have been given a username and pin to enable them to enter or edit their own tournaments. Over the years many have lost them
  • If your club has arranged a tournament and it is not listed on this site, or if the listing can be updated, email the details or brochure to and I will list it for you. Your email must include contact name and email address
  • Getagame is a completely free service to Australian bowling clubs. It is my retirement hobby!

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    prize moneytournament dateclub namegame
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    Sat 04 Dec 2021
    Urangan Bowls
    Urangan QldUrangan Mens Fours Carnival 2 daysdetails
    sponsored by
    Sat 08 Jan 2022
    Australian Unity Lifestyle Communities Precisi
    Geelong VicCITY BY THE BAY CARNIVAL Over 2 daydetails
    sponsored by
    Mon 07 Mar 2022
    Quality Dental Care Brighton
    Brighton SA-NTOpen Medleydetails
    sponsored by
    Sun 20 Feb 2022
    RSL Care Homes and West End
    Brighton SA-NTOpen Medleydetails
    Tue 07 Dec 2021Port Wakefield SA-NTFours Cosmopolitandetails
    sponsored by
    Fri 03 Dec 2021
    Councillor Fiona Cunningham
    Coorparoo QldMonthly Three Bowl Pairsdetails
    $2Wed 27 Jul 2022Merziuziy qcjAaYpiSCdetails
    Mon 06 Dec 2021Payneham SA-NTLadies Christmas Gala Daydetails
    Wed 29 Dec 2021Balaklava SA-NTFours Cosmopolitandetails
    Mon 13 Dec 2021Payneham SA-NT3 games 12 endsdetails
    Fri 15 Apr 2022Yarrawonga VicPairs Cosmopolitandetails
    Sat 16 Apr 2022Yarrawonga Vic2 Bowl Triples 4 games of 12 endsdetails
    Sun 17 Apr 2022Yarrawonga Vic2 games 12 ends 2 4 2details
    Mon 18 Apr 2022Yarrawonga Vic2 Bowl Triples 2 x 12 ends 2 x 10details
    Sun 20 Feb 2022Brighton Bowling Club Open Medleydetails
    Mon 07 Mar 2022Brighton Bowling Club Open Medleydetails
    Thu 21 Apr 2022Brighton SA-NTLadies Triples Gala Day Beachweardetails

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